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Thanksgiving Wine Choices from the Santa Ynez Valley

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with that comes much planning.  Deciding on the menu, ordering the turkey, multiple trips to the store, ironing table linens, preparing for out of town guests, etc.  Whether you do a traditional dinner or experiment year to year with new, adventurous dishes, there is one question that remains […]

The Great Yield Debate

 Nikki Nelson, an owner of Liquid Farm, shared some of her thoughts on the 2012 harvest. Liquid Farm is producing old-world inspired, mineral driven Chardonnays exclusively out of the Sta. Rita Hills. We highly recommend you becoming familiar with this label and enjoying their unique wines before they reach cult status.     The Great Yield Debate.  […]

Ode to Pinot

By John Dragonette In 2003, in a sudden and hasty decision, we decided to look for wine grapes so we could make a barrel of wine (Syrah).  For fun.  A do it yourself project.  Some home brew, if you will. We love Rhone varietals, so Santa Barbara County was an obvious choice to find grapes. […]

You are what you drink.

You are what you eat. Dogs look like their owners. Clothes make the man. All of these ‘judge a book by its cover’ observations are important, but the most under-appreciated and possibly most critical telltale sign about you as a man…..what is in your glass of wine! So follow me on a massively stereotypical and […]

Dragonette Cellars

The Dragonette Cellars logo represents the old alchemist symbol for the “elixir of life” or “drinkable gold,” and although founders John and Steve Dragonette and close friend Brandon Sparks-Gillis, don’t promise liquid gold, they do promise the utmost quality and purity from the finest vineyards in Santa Barbara County and the Central Coast to create […]

Finding Balance…In Wine Country

Well, everyone seems to agree…..This weather has been crazy.  An extremely mild summer already had people asking over and over again, “What does it mean for the grapes?”.  The crazy heat wave of a week ago definitely got everyone’s attention.  It seemed like everyone in the valley (winemakers as well as wine drinkers) was talking […]

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